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When Looking at wind forecast, you should always looks at different factors:

  1. Wind direction is one of the most important factor: is the wind onshore or offshore? North or West? Is the wind direction constant or brutally changing direction? Your training with KSD will make it all clear and you will see the weather in a different perspective at the end of your training with us.
  2. Wind speed is the second most important factor: is it a light wind day (8 to 15 knots), or a medium speed wind (15 to 22 knots), or just a strong wind day with speed going up to 30 or 35 knots? Understanding the wind speed is VERY important to kitesurfer as you will decide the size of the kite you will be using according to the speed of the wind.
  3. General wind conditions in the Persian Gulf: in the UAE we usually have 3 types of winds.
    1. The most common wind: Breeze – mechanically locally caused by the temperature difference between the sea and the land. This is around 80% of the total wind in the UAE.
    2. Our favourite: the Shamal wind (or North wind), usually coming from Irak/Iran, is medium to strong, cold and gives us amazing kitesurfing sessions
    3. Our enemy:  the sand storm (direction South or East), no kitesurfing, no outing, no breathing the air. Our advise: stay inside and avoid contact with the thin dust air.
  4. Atmospheric pressure, temperature, rain/humidity level, and a few other factors have also their say in the forecast.

If you don’t know or are not sure if the wind is good for kitesurfing, always get in touch with us and we will guide you.


We usually check the wind forecast using different website/softwares. Listed below are the most accurate and reliable ones. However, remember that a forecast IS a forecast and will not necessary be or feel the same on the beach !

Windyty: New generation forecast using state of the art display

Zoom-in to check the UAE and Dubai wind forecast


Windguru: great website to plan your kitesurf trip

Windfinder: Clear info, good forecast most days