About Us

Since 2009 Kitesurf School Dubai – KSD is committed to provide international standard, very safe, and personalized kitesurfing courses using specially designed kites and boards for fast learning. As a student, you will be accompanied by your instructor all the time. This way your instructor is always close to you, allowing him to see every move you make, and give tips according to your needs. All you have to do is focus on your kitesurfing! Fast learning guaranteed.

Our main instructor and founder of KSD – Xavier Sedaghat – from Montpellier, France has over 10 years of kitesurfing experience and over 6 years of teaching experience. He is also an experienced paragliding and paramotoring pilot, a deep water diver, a high altitude mountain climber and has travelled the most remote part of the world. Xavier and his team will ensure a fun and safe course, where becoming an independent kitesurfer is the main goal. In Dubai the lessons are mostly in the afternoon, all depending on the wind speed. Of course we can adapt the timing to your convenience.

We teach kitesurfing to anybody who wants to learn this great sport and is able to swim, kids and adults. Thanks to the warm water and the steady winds of the United Arab Emirates, learning to kiteboard has never been easier, accessible and more enjoyable!