Electric Jetboard 30 minutes

1 person
With instructor

Electric Jetboard 45 minutes

1 to 2 people
With instructor

Electric Jetboard 60 minutes

Up to 3 people
With instructor

About the electric jetboard

Radinn or electric surfboard as many call it, is an electric jetboard equipped with a jet and controlled via wireless remote. You can ride it on the water in any style you like. Head out and enjoy this brand new sport without the need of wind, waves or a boat. The Radinn Jetboards offer a new way to experience water sports. This is the future. Today.

Our Radinn Explore, Freeride and Carve models are best used on flat, open bodies of waters such as the Kite Beach in Dubai.

It’s perfect to go on long rides exploring the beaches around you. It reaches speed up to 56 km/h in near complete silence through 15hp electric motor and autonomy is aprox. 45 min – 60 min and vary on the speed and riders weight.

Radinn electric jetboards are easy to learn on and perfect for beginners and experience riders.

No license required.