Custom Designed Kites

Check some of the kite design produced by Ozone at the bottom of this page

Create a custom kite with your favourite colours, patterns or brand logo.

Well established brands like RedBull, Landrover and ChupaChups proudly advertise themselves on kitesurfing gear. In fact, this type of advertising is now available to everybody! You can print your company logo on a kite, create custom design kite or choose colours that you like. Having your logo printed across 17 square meters kite is spectacular and original brand exposure. If you’re thinking how to advertise outdoors to an active audience, custom kites are the way to go.

Why advertise on a kite?

Kitesurfing attracts thousands of people every year. Big kitesurfing events like PKRS or Virgin Armada welcome sports lovers high disposable income and many spectators, who find themselves drawn to watch the spectacular show.

How to get the most exposure?

You are not kitesurfing, but you think this sport fits your brand’s personality? Reach out to pro and semi-pro kitesurfers with an offer to sponsor them. You can also pick a particular kitesurfing location and contact one of the local schools with an offer. Both kitesurfers and kite-schools spend a lot of time on the beach training, which means the kite with your logo on it will be seen by hundreds of people.

How to get custom design on a kite

Contact Xavier on 0502547440 or email and we can arrange your design or logo, to be printed on or sewed in Ozone kites directly from Ozone factory.

For pricing and more information email xavier@kitesurf.ae