PACKAGE 1 @ 185 dhs per kid



PACKAGE 2 @ 230 dhs per kids



Groups >10 kids get 15% discount on packages


options available 

Photography: 1000 to 1500 dhs

Bubble show: 600 dhs 

Jetboard or Efoil for the birthday boy/girl and his selected friends: 1200 dhs



Package 1 Details:

Let’s start with some warm up fun challenge on the beach, before heading to the water for some more serious surfing, paddle boarding, kayakaing, and the now famous XXL SUP which can hold up to 15 kids ! 

If this is not enough, we will challenge the kids in some races onthe beach with the instructor and make sure that birthday boy/girl wins 🙂

Of course the cake and other birthday specials are next, blowing the candles, and singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our favorite little ones 

Package 2 details:

Everything that package 1 has and a super nice SNACK on top for the hungry ones, either our long time favorite Pizza of course, or some more healthy options also available on request.  


What is a Brithday party on the beach ?

If you have a young aspiring surfer marking a special birthday and you’re eager to provide the kids with a one-of-a-kind party experience, consider throwing a kids’ surfing celebration they’ll cherish forever! KSD is currently offering exhilarating birthday gatherings for children of all ages at our fantastic Kite Beach location.

Calling all moms and dads of birthday girls and boys who want to dive into thrilling surf adventures with their friends, revel in laughter, and experience the joy of playing in the ocean while riding paddle boards, kayaks, surfboard, or our GIANT SUP for 10 people of more,  and enjoying water-based games.

Tailoring the experience to suit your group’s size and age, we’ll craft a delightful session that has them catching waves and riding them with enthusiasm. 

Does that sounds like an unforgettable birthday party? We bet you it does !!

Worry not, dear parents! Our dedicated team will oversee the entire event with safety as our utmost priority. Before taking the plunge, we always take a moment to share some fascinating ocean facts and emphasize the importance of safety and respect when playing in the sea. 

Some more serious facts for those with safety concern around the sea:

  1. In the water all the kids will wear life vest at all time for maximum safety and much fun
  2. All our instructors and assistants will be part of the party, guiding the kids and the parents alike to have a maximum of fun