12 weeks training prices:

1 training a week: – AED 1350

2 training a week: AED 1850

3 training a week: AED 2350

Annual Registration and Surfing kit: 250 dhs including KSD rash vest / KSD hat / KSD bag / KSD refill water bottle


SURFING: Level 1 

  1. The Weekly Surfing Classes for Kids is designed for all kids that are already independently swimming and ready to learn surfing
  2. The classes are running after school, 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday
  3. The surfing classes are fun and very inclusive, all kids must feel they are doing progress each time they train with the group
  4. The Surfing Classes for Kids training is specifically designed for the kids that are new to surfing, who want to learn the basics and soon move on to catching their own waves, learning new riding techniques to get up on the right or on the left, and learning how to always be safe in the water
  5. We will always keep the surfers to instructors ratio to a very safe level, as the safety of the kids is our priority number 1 at all time and in all conditions

Our Coaches are all fully licensed to provide the surfing classes. Level 1 surf coaching+ international Beach Life Guarding certificate, and First Aid Certiticate.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Each package is valid only for one term and can not be extended to the next term
  2. We have a non refund policy on the packages, only medical or emergency cases with be accepted after proof
  3. Kids must arrive at least 10 minutes to get ready, wax their boards, put the suncream on, dress properly with rash guards and board shorts. Due to the limited number of slot for each class, student missing a class will not be able to rebook the missed class. 
  4. Surfing classes depend largely on the weather,  the wind direction, the sea and waves, and we can not guaranteed the classes to be hold every week. In the case where surfing is not possible, we will do our best to offer alternative sporty activities in the water or on the beach. We do have many other activities at our center such as SUP, Kayak, XLarge SUP, Windsurfing, kite flying, Challenges, beach cleaning operations, Ocean preservation, etc.