Is kite surfing safe in Dubai?

Make sure you follow the safety guidelines delivered by your KSD instructors and always be aware of your environment.
Ride hard, Ride Safe, Ride again tomorrow !

 How hard is it to learn how to kite surf?

It takes an average of 6 to 10 hours to start your first rides on the board in safe conditions.

 What equipment do I need to kite surf?

To kitesurf you need:

1. A kite
2. A kitesurf board,
3. A Harness,
4. Accessories (wet suit, helmet, water shoe, etc.).

KSD will provide all the necessary equipment during your training sessions.

 What types of kite can I use?

During your courses we will explain you the different type of kites, boards, harnesses and accessories available to kitesurfers. As a beginner, you will use beginner kites and equipment to give you a great experience and fast learning abilities.

 Do I need an assistance to launch or land the kite?

Yes it is recommended and advisable to launch and land you kite with the assistance of another kitesurfer.
Gold rule: Do not kite alone, always have someone watching you while kitesurfing.
At KSD we will provide you with the appropriate instructions for a safe launching and landing.

 Do I need to be fit to become a kitesurfer?

Minimum requirement is to be able to swim in the sea. Do not hesitate to ask a check up to your doctor.

 I have practiced other sport such as wakeboarding, snowboarding or water-ski skills, will it help me?

Yes definitely.  Controlling a kite board is very much like controlling a wakeboard or a snowboard.

 Can I do tricks in kite boarding as in wakeboarding?

Yes you can.  The tricks are normally more challenging as you have to do them at twice the altitude and controlling the kite at the same time.

 Do I need to bring anything with me for the lesson?
KSD team will provide all the gears and equipment you need for your lessons… harness, kites, board. You should bring sunscreen and sun glasses as you will be looking up in the sky.

If you still have questions, contact us at or call us on +971502547440.