xavier sedaghat

Xavier the Frenchie
Montpellier – France

Founder & Owner

Xavier has started the Kitesurf School Dubai – KSD in 2009 to share his passion for watersports and kitesurfing in particular. He’s a highly trained waterman, passionate about nature and his environment, and will be your point of contact during your training sessions.  Xavier is a International licensed kitesurf instructor, an experienced paragliding pilot and a keen high altitude skier.


Sophie The Blondie
Vienna – Austria

Girls power

Our youngest instructor, Sophie will make your kitesurf sessions the brightest moment of your day!

Sophie is a freestyle kitesurfer and has travelled the 5 continents to find the greatest place on earth.

Daniel Sarris KSD

Danny The Greek
Paros - Greece

Sport Sport Sport

Fitness addict, martial art expert, and one hell of a kitesurfer, Danny will share his passion for water sports and give you the best tips to have fun out there !!

Danny can teach kitesurfing, with surfboards and twintips, he’s alwaysgreat hydrofoil instructor and a strong wind rider !

Matthew Freestyle Kite

Matt the Freestyler
Paros - Greece

Surfboard freestyler

Matt is the last addition to the team and an amazing one !
He’s been kitesurfing since a very young age and his favorite game is to perform freestyle with a surfboard and a kite. He’s very knowledgable and love to share his passion for watersports

Beside kitesurfing Matt isalso a sailing instructor, catamaran, dinghies and other hulls have no secret for him

Waleed instructor

Waleed OK
Red Sea – Egypt

Knowledge & Patience

Waleed is one of Dubai’s best kitesurf instructor, train with him and you will become an independent kitesurfer in no time !

With many years of teaching experience, he’s able to share his knowledge like nobody else, and make you feel safe and have fun at all time.

He’s also a super cool guy with lot of fun stories to tell !

He’s also great at fixing kites when riders get too confidents and crash open their wings!


Nastia KSD


From Ocean to Ocean

Nastia is our last joiner and an amazing addition to the KSD Family.

She brings with her lot of positive energy, a great amount of riding skills and the nicest smile you will encounter at the beach!

Nastia is now an entire part of the KSD family and we are so grateful to have her around. 

She has already travelled a lot and kitesurf in more places than most will even dream of from Russia to france to some far away asia destination, she has kitesurf from Ocean to Ocean