Windsurfing is a typical water sport and time spent on the shore is kept to a minimum.

We try to keep it simple and make training fun. The windsurfing lessons in Dubai are adapted to students’ age and skill level. During the course we put an emphasis on improving technical skills and at the same time we share all our windsurfing knowledge. We are always trying to transmit to our students love for nature and passion for Windsurfing.

We do windsurfing courses in Dubai from beginners to expert levels, and windfoiling too!

We are specialized in classes for children, teenagers and all the guest at beginner level.

We teach every day in the morning and in the afternoon and we try to adjust teaching times to adapt ourselves to the students’ holiday plans.

Windsurfing is for everybody. It is very easy and beautiful because everything is done by the wind and the only thing we need to do is to SMILE


Due to the weather conditions in Dubai, lessons are carried out individually or in groups of maximum 6 people.

The lessons are planned and conducted depending on wind conditions, and since we are directly located on the beach it is very easy to adjust the classes to your need.

New plans. New places. New people. New Dreams



The full course for beginners includes 8 hours of windsurfing lessons using beginners’ equipment.

During this course we will learn the theory of wind, we will practice the jibe, the tack and we will start using the harness.

After this time we will be able to sail by yourself and safely.


During this level we will change the boards for smaller one which let us get much more speed so that windsurfing starts to be more exciting and crazy.

During the classes we will practice the beach start, sailing with the foot inside the foot straps, water start and step by step we will reach one of the most beautiful moments of windsurfing; We start planning!!!

And since this year we have introduce the Windfoil, come and challenge yourself with this new way of riding half way up between the water and the sky. The boundaries are extended to your wildest dreams. 


In this course for experts you can enjoy and live the most beautiful part of windsurfing: The moment in which you feel a part of the Nature.

The small board, the jibe, the first jump, the wave sailing, the strong winds…

Windsurfing is a never ending search for perfection, challenges, and thrill, keeping the adventure exciting at each level of the learning process.